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Elwood (VIC), Australia

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About aromaLife Wellbeing is home to aromaZen restorative healing aromaWild women's Transformation Retreats
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Mission My purpose in this world is to awaken the power of the individual and collective feminine consciousness, bringing strength and harmony to our divine spirit so that together, we can heal and evolve beyond the wounds and limitations of our ancestral lines.

Through this awakening, our collective empowerment will lead our men to individual and collective healing so that we unite with their healthy masculine - creating relationships, families and communities of high vibrational love.
Description Learn about our high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils and bring the medicinal properties of plants to life.

With a comprehensive range of resources on the healing properties of nature’s pharmacy, their source, and how to use them, aromaLife will empower your sensory journey.
Experience our unique range of essential oil infused workshops to restore and nurture your mindfulness.

With a focus on balancing the mind and body, essential oils are woven into a journey through the chakras to a state of deep relaxation.

Using gentle yoga nidra, meditation and a high vibrational sound bath, our classes and workshops will delight the senses and heal the soul.

Find classes , workshops and aromaZen certified facilitator Training.
Founded 2011