Grey Nurse Shark Watch

Grey Nurse Shark Watch

193 Bourbong St, Bundaberg (QLD), 4670, Australia

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About Grey Nurse Shark Watch is a community grey nurse shark photographic identification monitoring program using the unique spot pattern of each shark.
Mission Grey Nurse Shark Watch needs the support of the diving and fishing communities to:
1. Establish a cost-effective, non-invasive, long-term monitoring program to keep check on grey nurse shark (GNS) numbers and the stability of this Critically Endangered east coast population.
2. Provide an annual scientifically valid, robust estimate for the east coast GNS population and monitor population trends.
3. Enhance our understanding of many key aspects of the population including site fidelity and occupancy, migration patterns, and interactions with fishing gear.
4. Increase public awareness about GNS and to provide good data for management purposes via an open and transparent mechanism that involves interested parties.
Description Grey Nurse Shark Watch ( is a community grey nurse shark photographic identification monitoring program. It is designed to capture data on grey nurse shark numbers, movements and distribution during different stages of their life cycle throughout their range in both Queensland and New South Wales marine regions. It will do this by monitoring individual grey nurse sharks, which can be identified by their unique spot patterns, over time.

The photographic identification monitoring program is designed to monitor the recovery of the Australian east coast population of grey nurse sharks and to assist in the identification of critical areas for sharks in different stages of their life cycle. This program aims to ultimately lead to the improved conservation of this important species.

Photographs submitted by divers and fishers will contribute to a national database on the grey nurse shark that will be shared with stakeholders, researchers and managers. Public access to data will also be facilitated, to allow Grey Nurse Shark Watch contributors to see their own sightings as well as those of others.
Founded In 2010 by Sue Sargent, Carley Bansemer, Deborah Bowden and Jennifer Loder

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