Kensington Police Service

Kensington Police Service

55 victoria street, Kensington (PE), Canada

Working hours
About This page is not monitored 24-7. In the event of a Police emergency please dial 9-1-1
Mission Mission
Our Mission: A community-police service committed to the preservation of peace and the protection of life and property of all people.

The Kensington Police Service is comprised of Six police officers, augmented by two administrative support. We provide twenty-four-hour coverage to the Town of Kensington through either direct patrols or On-Call Coverage

Our Core Values:

All members of the Kensington Police Service are committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
The Kensington Police Service condemns all forms of prejudice, racism, harassment and discrimination, believing in the equality of all people.
All members of the Kensington Police Service respect the rights and freedoms of all people.
The Kensington Police Service will develop a partnership with the community, focusing on such groups as the youth and the elderly, believing that all people can be valuable and productive members of society.
All members of the Kensington Police Service are committed to the protection of the vulnerable against all forms of abuse.
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